One of my greatest joys is taking my grandson’s on a new adventure.   I didn’t have any trouble talking them into a zipline day with Grandma – checking another thing off my bucket list.   We found Northwest Canopy Tours on Camano Island (north of Seattle) and booked our trip.

Ricky and 8 year old Ian

Ricky and 8 year old Ian

We were greeted by Ricky and his assistant who got us all hooked up in our safety harnesses and helmets.   Somehow I thought we would be attached to a metal wire by a metal hook and sent on our way.  Ah… no.   We wore a very complicated harness with multiple straps and fitting buckles and then were hooked to the 1/2 inch line by two trolleys and 3 more carribeaner hooks.    All this made us feel very safe and comfortable, but not at all stylish.  I was more nervous on the platform steps than flying down the zipline!

My grandsons, ages 14 and 8, are totally fearless.    They jumped up on the platform, followed Ricky’s instructions and were flying down the mountain!   I was the last one in our group of 12 and there was a moment of sheer panic the first time I jumped off.   Then it was my turn to fly!   It goes pretty fast and the beautiful forest just, well, zipped by!   What a rush!

Now we’re looking for a new adventure!  (But not bungee jumping – crazy only goes so far!)

Check out the map below to find NW Canopy Tours

and be sure to stop in the nice little town of Stanwood, you’ll pass right by!