Wine on a Budget

Wine on a Budget

I’m standing in the grocery store trying to decide about wine on a budget.   My friend drinks red and I’m more into the whites.   The prices vary from $2.99 all the way to $49 and I’m sure you can buy it for more in a wine shop.   I go through a bottle in about two days.   So even my favorite, Two Vines Sauvignon Blanc (SB) from Washington State, is $4.99 a bottle and will cost me $74.85 a month.   Really?   If I buy six bottles, it goes down to $4.25 and that comes to $63.75.   And this doesn’t even include my friends red!  In total, this is about what I spend on my supplemental health insurance per month!  Why Congress didn’t include wine in Obamacare is beyond me.

After doing some research on the price of wine, here’s what I found.   There are a LOT of wineries out there.   The good news is that the market is glutted and I can find it pretty cheap.   The Grocery Outlet has a very nice SB for $2.25. And it’s beyond my comprehension how Alice White Wines from Australia can harvest, process, bottle, ship and distribute their Chardonnay to my Safeway for $4.00 a bottle. How can that be?   And, it’s pretty darned good wine!

My wine shop guy says that they have a pretty brisk turn-over of the wines they sell.   They specialize in large production wineries that are low-to-mid priced from all over the world.   Most of the wine is from $7.99 to $15.00 a bottle.   They also sell ChocoVine (original is the best) a red wine and chocolate treat as an aperitif, Sky River Mead for $14.40, Whidbey Island Port for $14.40.   There is also a whole shelf of Japanese wine that I haven’t tried but plan to.  

So don’t be afraid to spend very little money and give a cheap bottle a try.   Once you find something you like, check your grocery store, grocery outlets, Walmart, Trader Joe’s , and the internet to see if they carry it and the price.   Two buck chuck is always worth a try.

I found my Two Vines Wine SB for $2.99 a bottle!   What wines do you like and where do you get them?
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