Why we bought our Eyeglasses Online, and why we loved the results

Why we bought our Eyeglasses Online, and why we loved the results

We here at Retirebook love finding ways to save money. You can say, we are even kind of nuts about it. These past few weeks we have done extensive research looking at dozens of websites that sell eyeglasses. While we won’t go through all of those sites in this article, we saved lots of money. We will show you why we bought our Eyeglasses Online, and why we loved the results. 

I have worn eyeglasses most of my life, and I tend to buy the more expensive sets of high quality frames. In most cases, you get what you pay for. My last two pairs of glasses that I bought from my eye doctor were all made by a very reputable company called Silhouette. In my opinion, they set the bar for high quality frames, and they are the best in the country if you are not going to buy online. However, they do tend to be expensive at around $300 just for a set of frames (not including the lenses). In our test, we decided we would buy our next pair of eyeglasses from a popular online website. The purpose of our test was to see if the online glasses were as good as the glasses you would buy from your eye doctor.

How We Chose Our Online Retailer
As we said earlier, we looked at dozens of websites that sell prescription eyeglasses. We found four popular online retailers that stood above the rest. These are WarbyParker.com, EyeBuyDirect.com, GlassesShop.com, and GlobalEyeGlasses.com. We loved the selection at EyeBuyDirect. And that’s what made us choose that online site for our test, because their selection of rimless eyeglasses closely matched our favorite expensive glasses made by Silhouette. We also loved Warby Parker, and the fact that they will send you 5 pairs of glasses online to try at home before you buy.


My glasses I bought online
Here are the $50 pair of rimless glasses I bought online from EyeBuyDirect and they are awesome


How to Order Your Prescription Eyeglasses Online 

You will only need 3 things before you order your new glasses online

  1. The recent results from your latest eye exam written on a piece of paper.
  2. A measuring tape showing measurements in centimeters (not inches).
  3. A pair of your old glasses (you will need these for sizing purposes for your new glasses).

EyeBuyDirect has very good videos to help you buy your new glasses – click here for the videos. The videos are highly recommended if you are a first time buyer. The glasses I chose costs a total of $50 (including frames, lenses, and shipping). Much less expensive than the $300 frames I used to buy from my optician.

In a nutshell, you find a style of glasses you like, and compare its size to your old pair you have with you. The videos on the website will help you pick the right size, and also help you enter in your prescription correctly. Plus you can call them if you have any questions.

Glasses Videos


We just received our $50 pair of prescription glasses from EyeBuyDirect today and they fit perfectly, and the prescription was spot on. I believe they are a great alternative to the $300 Silhouette frames we purchased from our optician. I am a little concerned that there are screws in the frames with the online glasses. Screws sometimes become loose over time, and need tightening. The Silhouettes frames from my eye doctor have no screws, so they will stay in great shape even years after you purchase them. But at this low cost, I could buy 6 pairs of online glasses for the price of one of the Silhouettes.

We did not get a chance to try the 3 other online retailers, but they all had great reviews. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Ordering online glasses sounds scary at first, but it’s really easy. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a prescription set of glasses.

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