What We Do For Coffee
Nothing but the good stuff!

What We Do For Coffee

Many years ago while living in Italy, I became a coffee snob.  Prior to that, anything would do –  instant; cheap diner sludge; the gruel at the office; even worse, waiting for an oil change.  But while in La Maddalena, Sardinia (the large island south of Corsica) for two years, my taste buds became accustom to Italian “latte”.  Mind you, this was 1980, long before the Starbucks revolution.  What we do for coffee!

Returning to the US and finding the same crappy coffee as before, the search was on for something better.   I found an import at the grocery store in a red, yellow and green can.  Opening it took me immediately back to La Maddalena and the local expresso bar.  I even bought a shiny new stovetop expresso maker for my treasured expresso and milk for “lattes”

It seemed the early 90’s that Starbucks started popping up everywhere.   Since then,  we are now gold card members where after $50 our Starbucks account can “fill up” from our debit card.  We are totally hooked.  I have even recently come into the 21st century and use my iPhone to pay for my latte and pastry electronically.  No card, no cash needed.   Shameless.

My Second Home - Photo by Jim
My Second Home – Photo by Jim

My next art project is going to be a coffee collage that says “I am multi-tasking – talking to you and drinking coffee”.

These days, while traveling, I’m happy to see decent coffee shops, expresso bars, and our beloved Starbucks. I know, overpriced atmosphere. My husband and I even debated driving back 30 miles from our turnoff to a Starbucks while suffering from dark roast withdrawals.  But we foraged onward and upward, to our destination with 70 more miles until the next caffeine fix.  Even tempting a cup of gas station coffee was fruitless.  Ugh, “coffee snobs”.

Photo By Russell James Smith via StockPholio.com

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Barbara Tibbets is newly retired from Arizona State University (Oct. 2014) as a graduate student advisor. She has no problem filling her days with watercolor painting and plans to teach what she's learned the last 38 + years, hopefully traveling with her husband, Jim, and their 4 year-old dog, Meadow. Barbara has lived in the Philippines when a teen, and later in Italy with her family for two years. She also writes articles and tutorials as a new-found retirement activity.