What if I never fully retire?

What if I never fully retire?

What if you retired today, and then you found yourself completely bored as a result? It happens. It happens a lot. Many of my “retired” friends can’t sit still for a moment. Many of them go back to work part time, and never fully retire.

We love our old jobs and our old friendships

I work at a hospital, and a large percentage of our retired nurses are coming back to work part time. This is a fantastic opportunity for our hospital. Because whenever we need a nurse on short notice, we have a pool of very experienced semi-retired nurses we can call on. Whenever I see one of these retired nurses in the hallway I say “Hey – aren’t you retired?” They laugh and say “I really love being a nurse… besides, it’s only for a few hours a week”. Most nurses at our hospital chose their careers because they love helping sick people, and their desire to help others never goes away.

I will never fully retire because I need to be energized

Most people enjoy staying busy. Working at our jobs makes us feel like we have a purpose. My days will still have a purpose when I retire. But instead of working at a full time job, I will volunteer maybe just one or two days a week.

My retirement plan is to move to Thailand when I retire. Sure, I can lay on the beach drinking Mai Tai’s. But I’d rather do something productive. How will I become energized and feel like I have a purpose as a retiree in Thailand? I will volunteer at one of the many language schools and teach children how to speak English. And in turn, hopefully, they will teach me how to speak Thai.

Some of us will never fully retire because we still have valuable skills

Just because we are reaching the golden age of 65, doesn’t mean our job skills have declined. In many ways, we are more valuable because we are more mature and we lots of experience. Myself, I have a really valuable job skill. I work on computers for a living. I’ve built large and small computer networks, and I also design websites. And this means I can still quit my full time job and use my skills working part time if I want to.

There are lots of computer consulting firms who would love having an experienced network administrator or web designer. Whatever your job skill, finding part time work should be fairly easy. Part time employees fill a gap for full time employees when they become over worked or go on vacation.

Some of the retirees would like the extra money

Who wouldn’t like a little extra money? Well, most people haven’t been saving for their retirement very much. Sadly, these people will need to continue working until they drop. Unless they are like me, and decide to move to Thailand where it’s much cheaper to live.

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Gary is one of the founders of RetireBook, and is the site engineer and also one of its writers. He has been working in IT for over 25 years, is a world traveler, and enjoys everything about living in the Pacific Northwest. He is full of energy, loves the outdoors, climbed several mountains, volunteers in his community, and has been saving his whole life for an early retirement that will be coming up in just a few short years.