What About Placerville?

What About Placerville?

Placerville California is a cute little mountain town about 45 miles east of Sacramento and 60 miles from South Lake Tahoe on Hwy 50. This is the famous gold country where, in 1848 at nearby Sutter’s sawmill, gold was discovered.  Sutter’s Mill, now a historic landmark is not easy to get to, but Placerville at the top of the valley became one of the largest towns in California full of hopeful miners, merchants, and people from all over the world came to seek their fortunes. 

Now, Placerville is a great little town with historic buildings, coffee shops, antique stores, and some pretty hardy residents who enjoy all four season.   It snows in the winter and can get pretty hot in the summer.  We camped in Coloma (near the sawmill site) and spent a day exploring Placerville.  This dog-friendly town welcomed our pooch in the shops and everyone was very friendly.  The yarn shop had a well-attended knitting class underway and the busy street was full of shoppers.  Surrounded by trees in the mountains, Placerville is an artists town with galleries and art events throughout the year.

So what would it be like to live in Placerville?   Here’s what we found:

Housing:  Most homes run in the $350,000+ range, but we found a cute retirement house with 2 bedrooms, one bath, close to town with 2.75 acres for $289k.  There are some condos that are less expensive.  (This is California, folks, and the housing market is higher than most of the country.)  

Two Bedroom, one bath for $298K on Redfin
Two Bedroom, one bath for $298K on Redfin

Taxes:  As in all of California, there is a property tax, income tax and sales tax.  

Population:  Nearly 11,000 people call Placerville their year-round home.  23% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.  The per capita income in 2010 was $25,000 wich is about norm for California.  And 17% are over the age of 65.

Crime:  The crime rate is within the state average and a little high for the rest of the U.S..  

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Placerville and will definitely come here again.  

 Photo By Ken Lund via StockPholio.net


Cheryl and her husband have just recently retired and live in the Pacific Northwest. She has been enjoying her herself by traveling around the world, playing with her grandchildren, and she frequently volunteers in her community. There is certainly never a dull moment with Cheryl. She cheerfully co-founded RetireBook and wants to share her energy, hoping that it inspires her readers to live life at its fullest.