My wife and I took our dog, Bear, with us on the Washington State Ferry yesterday from Coupeville to Port Townsend. As a result, we just love taking our 100 pound Labrador with us as a “walk on passenger” on the ferry. You can bring your dog on board in two places on the ferries. 1) You can leave your dog in your car if you drive onto the ferry. 2) Or you can enjoy the outer sun decks with your dog. Your dog must be on a leash if you and your four legged friend are out on the sun deck. If you have a small dog, they do allow you to bring your pet in pet carrier into the interior of the ship. I guess that leaves 3 options…but a pet carrier is not a good option for my huge Labrador.

Be prepared to bring a jacket with you, because even on a sunny day, it gets a little breezy on the sun deck of the ferry. 

We were not the only people to bring our dog onto the ferry. I counted a total of 7 dogs, all on their leashes. Bringing your dog is a great conversation starter. We met people from all over the country on our ferry ride, and some people had brought their dogs as far away as Missouri.

Need more information?

The Washington State Ferry systems website can be found by visiting their website by going to

Dogs Washington Ferries

This dog friendly sign is posted on the stairway wall as we entered our ferry.


Dogs Washington Ferry

Our dog Bear made lots of friends on the ferry. And like all dogs, they sniffed each others butts.