Meadow crop

Come on, already!

At 8 am, and 4 pm, like clockwork, our beagle/golden mix is in my face. It’s time for a walk. How does she know these two times of the day? She won’t leave me alone until I finally give in and off we go.  Walking the dog.  Again.

In the winter, this is great. Warming up by 8 am and delightful at 4 pm. But, our Arizona desert is a different story May through October. By 8 am the temps could reach 95, and 4 pm the high could be at its peak – 110 + degrees! Not to mention the slightly molten asphalt. Way too hot for doggy’s feet.

During the warm months, the lizards come out and particularly love the brick walls that divide our trails, homes, etc.  More heat for them and excellent hiding places. We dubbed our dog “Lizard Slayer” as she will go out of her way to stalk, chase and actually catch them. Occasionally, I’ll find something hanging from her mouth like a stick. No, it’s a lizard tail. Once I’ve convinced her to spit it out, the mangled reptile lays spread-eagle but more often, playing dead until we leave, then scurries away. The slayer even mistakes shadows or pieces of cement for her prey. Some days, she’ll just study them in our backyard. Watching until they are out of sight, then moves in to inspect or sniff the air.

Information collected for her next victim.