Waco, Texas as a retirement home

Waco, Texas as a retirement home

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In the heart of Texas, between Dallas and Austin, you will find the town of Waco, right on the banks of the Brazos River.  You may not have considered Waco, Texas as a retirement home, but consider this.  The cost of living in Waco is significantly lower than most of the rest of the U.S. and property is very reasonably priced. The median value of an owner occupied home is $140,000.  

$137,500 on Zillow
$137,500 on Zillow

We easily found very nice homes in the $125,000 range including this new one in the photo from Zillow.  Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and 1,600 square feet in the Bosqueville neighborhood area which is considered quite safe and desirable. 

Waco has 129,000 residents and 11.3% are over the age of 65.  Of all the adults over 25 years of age, 21% have at least a Bachelor’s Degree.   Waco is home to Baylor University (since 1886) and many of the students have stayed in the area. 

The weather is great!   The average high’s in January is 58-65 and in August it gets up into the 95 degree range.  

Waco Mammoth Site
Waco Mammoth Site Photo By John W. Schulze via StockPholio.com

Named for the Native American tribe known as “Waco” the town has been in existence since the 1830’s.  In 1870, a suspension bridge was built over the river and the town thrived.   Now home to several interesting attractions (the Dr. Pepper Museum, the Texas Ranger Museum, and pieces of the Chisholm cattle trail are all found here) but we thought the most interesting was the Waco Mammoth Site where paleontologists uncovered 24 mammoths. The experts concluded that they died in an ancient flood.   There is a great visitor center that explains the site’s history and viewing area. 

While Waco has had a stormy past, first with the Native Americans and later with the KKK and the Branch Dividian Waco Siege in 1993, the town has survived it all and now is a very nice place to visit.  

Waco has the Waco Lake, the Cottonwood Creek Golf Course (one of the top 10 in Texas), it also has festivals most all year long, hiking trails, and our favorite, the Bosque River Stage where you can hear all kinds of music while sitting on the bank of the riverside.   It’s a lovely place.

Photo By diveofficer via StockPholio.com

Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and attractions!


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