A visit to Sardinia, Italy

A visit to Sardinia, Italy

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If you are looking for a relaxing place in the Mediterranean, consider a visit to Sardinia, Italy. 

In 1980, my sister and her US Navy husband had a baby while stationed in La Maddalena, Sardinia.   My mother and I couldn’t stand not seeing the newest addition to the family, so we left our husbands behind and flew off to have a month long visit.   At that time, getting to Sardinia was an accomplishment all in itself!  We flew from San Diego to New York City and from there to Rome.  We got on a bus to go to the city center where we finally met my sister, her husband, and the baby!   The next day, we took a train to the coastal city of Civitavecchia where caught an overnight ferry to Sardinia.  Then we took another bus to the far north, hopped on another ferry to take us to tiny La Maddalena where they lived.  Whew! (Now you can fly from the Rome Airport directly to Sardinia)

We stayed for 3 weeks at their home and walked to the village most days.   The town at that time was quite small with a boat harbor, several shops and markets and town square.   Many of the homes are vacation villas.  We visited the shops and enjoyed the evening promenade with gelato in hand. 

One day, we left the baby with a sitter and took another boat to Corsica where we saw a French Foreign Legion Outpost high up on the hill. 

Tourism is a major industry on the island in addition to fishing, Olive groves, some wheat production and cork.  We walked by a cork farm where the little trees have their bark peeled every year.   The ladies in town glued the cork to clay jars which kept them cool.  The insulated jars were a big export for the area. 

We loved our time in Sardinia.   The sunny days were hot, a nap was always in order, and we got quite brown with all our walking to town.   The visit drew to an end and we reversed the whole process to get back home with a suitcase of souvenirs and rolls of film to be developed with picture of the baby.

Sardinia is a wonderful place to have a relaxing vacation.   The water is warm and very clear.   The weather is warm and balmy.  The locals were welcoming.  It is a great escape from your usual visits to a big busy city. 

Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and attractions!


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