TripCase is a free itinerary app you can access on your Android or Iphone, and I love it

TripCase is a free itinerary app you can access on your Android or Iphone, and I love it

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TripCase is a free itinerary app you can access on your Android or Iphone, and I love it. With this free app, I can get real time flight updates, information about my rental car when I arrive, and directions to my hotel. It even gives me weather updates.

The first time I used this app was for my trip to Thailand in October 2015. I had a fairly complicated itinerary with lots of hotels and rental cars. Surprisingly, it took me only 5 minutes to create my itinerary using this app. Seriously, I had my whole itinerary on my phone in less than 5 minutes. Here is how I did it.

  1. From your computer, go to
  2. Create an account using either Facebook or your email address. I chose my email address.
  3. Forward your flight confirmation emails to
  4. Do the same thing and forward your car rental and hotel confirmation emails.
  5. TripCase will automatically create your itinerary in about one minute.
  6. After your itinerary is complete – download the TripCase app onto your phone.
  7. Login to the app and view your itinerary.
  8. You’re done!

I just love that I can view my itinerary from my phone. But what if you are in an area where you can’t get wifi? Will you still be able to use the app? Yes – it’s easy! Just make sure you view your itinerary on your phone just before you leave. It will remember all of your information, because it caches all of your trip information on your phone. Please note, you won’t get any flight updates if you can’t get a wifi signal, obviously.

What I really like, are all the details about your trip that you don’t have to enter. It automatically entered the phone numbers of the airlines, rental cars, and hotels for me. And if you are a real geek, it will even tell you the make and model of the airplane you are flying on. How cool is that?

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TripCase Flight Info

The reason I chose this app over the competitors is the app is completely free. There isn’t a paid pro edition that excludes you from certain features.

But the main reason I chose TripCase over their competitors, it’s so very easy to use. In some ways, it is even easier than the competitors apps that cost money.

During my trip to Thailand there was one hotel that I had to enter manually because I did not have an “email confirmation”. That was easy to fix. There is an easy place on their website to add information to your itinerary. Just click the Add button and manually enter your new information.

Please note – during my trip to Thailand, I kept a print out of my Trip Case itinerary, in case my cell phone died. This came in handy because I needed a printout at the airline counter in Thailand. Thai Lion Airways needed a printout of my flight information to let us into the express checkout line. I suppose I could have handed them my phone, but they asked for a printout, and so I gave it to them. TripCase lets you print your itinerary in case you want a paper backup.


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