Traveling with the Dog in the RV

Traveling with the Dog in the RV

Over the last two years of being retired, we have learned a few things regarding traveling with the dog. Mostly “A tired dog is a good dog”.

Before heading out for the day’s drive we have figured out our 5 year-old beagle/golden retriever mix needs a good run in order to make the hours on the road go by peacefully.
“Meadow” loves to run, chase other dogs playfully, or just run for the heck of it. This goes on for up to 10 minutes, then she’s stopping to sniff every square foot in the park. Does her business, then runs another 10 minutes. It’s well worth the wait. Upon returning to the truck and settling in with lots of water,  she’s asleep within 10 minutes. For each stop thereafter, she will go out on the leash with us, do her business again and return to blessed sleep.

Dog Parks  While traveling, we scope out the next overnight stay for local dog parks. This is easily done by going to You can put in your town or city’s name and up pops their local dog parks, pet friendly hotels and restaurants . That way, early the next day if not at arrival, you can let Fido work off that excess energy for a peaceful ride.

Hotels  Another lesson learned is if traveling by car and staying at hotels, be patient with your dog. It’s a new experience and they are not sure why you are there. They worry when you leave them alone in the room and may bark or damage something. They may think you abandoned them. We try not to leave our dog alone ever while on the road. She has become more adapt with the experience and has adjusted to our routine.

Lastly, supply your dog with a comfortable place to ride and sleep. We have a fold-up back seat in our F-150 pickup that allows for adequate space for the dog to ride/sleep and room for water and food bowls. We tried to have her sit and sleep on the back seat down but she would end up on the floor anyway, so just kept it up. She seems perfectly happy now going for the next big adventure.

Barbara T

Barbara Tibbets is newly retired from Arizona State University (Oct. 2014) as a graduate student advisor. She has no problem filling her days with watercolor painting and plans to teach what she's learned the last 38 + years, hopefully traveling with her husband, Jim, and their 4 year-old dog, Meadow. Barbara has lived in the Philippines when a teen, and later in Italy with her family for two years. She also writes articles and tutorials as a new-found retirement activity.