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Does retiring in Europe sound like a dream come true? You would be surprised how little it takes to live there in a European paradise. Granted some countries such as Switzerland are spendy, but others such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France have small little towns that are much more affordable if you have around $2,000 or more per month in income.

We suggest that you do your research, and read comments on sites such as this one. Reading about all of the different places to live and travel is almost as exciting as being there. That’s what inspired us to build this site.

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Fort William to Inverness – The Great Glen

A recent visit to Scotland found us traveling from Fort William to Inverness along the great glen.  We drove up the west side of Scotland through Dumfries, Ayr (a very cool town!) and spent about 5 minutes in Glasgow.  After being in the countryside with the sheep,...

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Three Days in Bruges, Belgium

Photo By Alan Eng via StockPholio.com Bruges (pronounced BROO-zh) reminded us of Venice; a canal town with bridges linking the neighborhoods together.   Like Venice, Bruges, Belgium made its fortune in the maritime trade of the middle ages.   Many of the smaller...

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Carnac, France – The Best of Brittany

  Photo By Andy Hay via StockPholio.com We pulled into Carnac late one evening in October.   With no reservations, the first cute house with a B&B sign caught our attention and we asked for a room.   The American woman running the place was getting ready to close for...

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Munich Germany – The Gem of Bavaria

The Capital of Bavaria, Munich is a wonderful home base for exploration of this magnificent region.    Germany's second most popular city, after Berlin, Munich is energetic, compact, and historic - blending modern with ancient in perfect unison.  The heart of the city...

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Retire in Inverness Scotland

We think Inverness is a fine example of the true Scotland; a smaller town with a little Celtic mystique.  There are local standing stones, the intrigue of what's really in Loch Ness, a great castle ruin, a really nice woolen mill shop, and a short drive to the...

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Retire in Praia a Mare, Italy

Love Italy but hate the crowds?   Been to enough museums and churches?   If you want a warm beach and a nice quiet place to spend a cold winter, you just might want to retire in Praia a Mare, Italy.  Located on the top of the "foot" of Italy, this great little town of...

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Retire in the South of France

On a budget?  Are you tempted by Europe, but afraid of what it will cost?   Here's an idea you may not have considered before.   We think there are two types of travelers.   One books luxury rooms in the nicest hotels and enjoys relaxing and spending time there.   The...

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Retire in Cascais, Portugal

If you travel 19 miles west from Lisbon, you will find the charming, but cosmopolitan, seaside town of Cascais, Portugal.   Home to over 210,000 people, Cascais has become a popular expat retirement area with an estimated 25,000 English speaking citizens.   The...

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