Top 3 Tips to get cheap flights to Thailand

Top 3 Tips to get cheap flights to Thailand

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We have been travelling to Thailand quite a bit since 2012. My wife is Thai, and we are always looking for a bargain and for cheap flights to Thailand. We travel to back to Thailand at least twice a year, and we have a simple routine we use to book our cheap flights.

1) Search for your tickets on and save money.

We just love everything about Kayak’s search engine. We just put in the dates we would like to travel, and Kayak shows me all of the major airlines sorted by price. What we like the most about Kayak – their results are easy to read, plus they have a great mobile app for our smart phones.

When I am searching on Kayak, I look for the lowest price first. From there I can easily see the tickets with the shortest flight times and the fewest layovers. (See screen shot below). Some of the prices are really low, but they have crazy long layovers. The key is to pick a low cost flight with the shortest layovers.

Kayak Screenshot 2

2) Save money by flying into Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport.

Flying into Bangkok will save you around $200 to $300 compared to flying into other cities such as Phuket. But be aware there is more than one international airport in Bangkok, and the least expensive airport to fly into is currently the Suvarnabhumi airport. You want to enter the airport code BKK when searching for your tickets online, and this will get you to the Suvarnabhumi airport.

Sometimes we fly out to other cities in Thailand, such as Phuket. We found we still save lots of money on our tickets by flying into Bangkok first. From there, we can catch our next flight into Phuket by using one of the budget airlines such as Air Asia, Nokair, or Thai Lion. 

3) We mostly fly on Eva Airlines.

We love Eva Airlines for several good reasons. 

  1. Eva Airlines has cheap flights to Thailand.
  2. You are allowed two suitcases for free, plus a carry on.
  3. There is usually just one layover in Taiwan (our favorite airport).
  4. Eva Airlines has more leg room on the airplane for their coach seats.
  5. They have friendly and attentive staff.

Unfortunately, Eva airlines has only one flight each day leaving from Seattle. The flight from Seattle takes off between 1:00AM and 2:00AM. I actually like this because when you reach your final destination in Thailand, you arrive in the middle of the afternoon, instead of at midnight. Arriving in the middle of the day gives me a chance to unwind in Bangkok instead of having to go right to sleep at midnight. And plus it’s easier to grab a connecting flight in the middle of the afternoon in Bangkok if you want to go to Phuket or Chiang Mai.

Bargain shopping for cheap flights is fun.

My wife and I are getting ready to fly back to Thailand again this November. We are overjoyed the prices are so low. We are seeing that Eva air has round trip tickets from Seattle to Bangkok for around $750. That’s just amazing.

How do you go about shopping for your cheap tickets? And what are your secrets to getting a low fare? Share your secrets below in our comments section.


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