The Zen of Knitting Socks

The Zen of Knitting Socks

For me, knitting is a form of meditation.   I have deep insightful conversations with myself while ignoring the outside world.   Knitting gives me a point of concentration while, in my mind, I solve the world’s problems, have future conversations, and practice the art of gratitude. 

After many years of knitting, I’ve come to realize that I’m much more interested in the process than the product.   Whether its a sweater, scarf, hat, socks or whatever, it’s the concentration of knitting a pattern and accomplishing something beautiful that keeps me coming back.   The tactile feel of the yarn and the beautiful dyes are also mesmerizing.   So while my family may benefit (or not!) from my many creations, I love the process.

Knitting socks is a new skill just mastered this year.   It has always seemed so complicated.   If you don’t know this already, knitting patterns are written in Klingon or something and are really hard to follow.   So I found the answer on by keying in “Knit Socks” and watched a woman explain and show me what to do!  Perfect!   Now I’m a sock knitting queen building my stash for Christmas presents.    

Sure, you can buy a pair for $3.00 but you won’t get anything with so much love or care put into them.  What if we all knitted socks and thought about how to solve the world’s problems?   Surely something would get better! 


Cheryl and her husband have just recently retired and live in the Pacific Northwest. She has been enjoying her herself by traveling around the world, playing with her grandchildren, and she frequently volunteers in her community. There is certainly never a dull moment with Cheryl. She cheerfully co-founded RetireBook and wants to share her energy, hoping that it inspires her readers to live life at its fullest.