The Best of Route 66 – Williams, Arizona

The Best of Route 66 – Williams, Arizona

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Williams Arizona prides itself as not only being part of Route 66, but being a step back in time to the 1950’s when Elvis was king.  Classic cars are everywhere and the little town is often a stop for motorcycle riders making the pilgrimage on the most famous of American roads.  

We stopped for two nights in Williams in the 5th wheel to not only see Williams, but drive up to the Grand Canyon, just 50+ miles north.   Many people take the Grand Canyon Railway up to the canyon, but we had the dog and decided to drive.   (You can take your dog anywhere on the rim, except in the hotels and visitors centers, so don’t feel you need to leave your pooch in a kennel.)   The weather was sunny, but cold, and the canyon was glorious.   You can’t help but just be in awe of the place.

Wow.  Just Wow.
Wow. Just Wow.

We think the best part of Williams is the Cruiser’s Café 66 diner where 50’s music plays all day, the chocolate malts with real malt are to die for, and the hamburgers are amazing.   A serious diet is in order after a visit, but the food is worth it!   Our waitress was funny and attentive and we were entertained the whole visit.   The décor will keep your eye busy while you wait for your food.   Or, you can go to the Route 66 gift shop on site and be amazed at all the things they have. 

Chocolate Malt Shake!
Chocolate Malt Shake!

We’ve been through Williams several times and driven a good deal of Route 66.   When you visit the canyon, be sure to stay an extra day and get to know this gem of a town.  But whatever you do, don’t leave without a chocolate malt!

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