Ten Reasons To Have a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree!

Ten Reasons To Have a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree!

Are you considering the choices in buying an artificial Christmas tree?   Newer trees can look very real!   You can get them in any size, shape, profile and color.   However, they don’t come cheap!   After ages of pondering fresh or artificial trees, here are our top ten reasons to have a fresh cut tree.

  1. First of all, a tree is a crop.  Cutting down a Christmas tree is no different than picking a tomato or digging a potato. The farmer will replace your tree first thing in the spring and grow a new one. It’s not old growth forest you are cutting down!
  2. Trees are not only green, they are compostable.   A fake tree goes in the landfill (eventually) for a million years.
  3. You don’t have to store a real tree!   Your attic or garage doesn’t have boxes and boxes of tree limbs or a fragile whole tree to work around all year long.
  4. A real tree smells nice.
  5. Cutting down a Christmas tree is fun!   Take a knee pad, a battery operated saws-all and plenty of rope.
    Kids love to cut down trees!
    Kids love to cut down trees!

    Also a blanket to protect the top of the car.  Take along a kid if you can!

  6. You know the tree is fresh when you cut it yourself.   Lord knows when the lot trees were cut down (and how long they have been out of water).
  7. You get to hand pick your favorite type of tree.   Many growers have several kinds of trees. Try a noble, a Douglas fir, a long needle pine.   You can switch every year!
  8. You don’t have to have a “perfect” tree.   Put the awkward side to the wall or corner.   God grows trees with personality!
  9. You won’t have a mess of needles if you cut down the tree yourself and keep it in water.   A fresh cut tree should last at least 3 weeks. When it stops sucking up water, the sap has finally sealed off the cut end and the needles will start to fall.   We cut ours about December 10th and it lasts until New Years.
  10. A fresh cut Christmas tree is the way our grandparents and great grandparents did it.   It’s traditional.

The only fake tree I’ve ever lived with was the silver one my parents had in the ‘60’s with the rotating red, green, and yellow light.   It had blue balls and was just ugly.   We have friends with Christmas palm trees, one with an upside down tree, and one with a decorated pole lamp.   But you will find us at the tree farm every year, wandering the lot to find just the right tree for our home! 

Photo By NY State IPM Program at Cornell University via StockPholio.net


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