Snowbirding in Mesa, Arizona

Snowbirding in Mesa, Arizona

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Like Canada geese, many retired people give up the snow and cold weather, pack up the RV and head south for the winter.  If you’re longing for palm trees, margaritas by the pool, bocce ball, and just being outdoors with friends, you might want to consider snowbirding in Mesa, Arizona.    The biggest decision is not whether to go, but where to stay!   This is snowbird heaven with 32 RV parks in Mesa itself, not counting those in Apache Junction and all over the Phoenix area.    Mesa is in the suburbs of the big city and the great freeway system makes it easy to navigate.   But being a big city, it’s a good idea to avoid rush hour traffic. 

We’ve spent quite a bit of time at the Mesa Regal Resort on East Main Street.   This Cal-AM property is well kept, has a nice pool area with afternoon music and a bar. They also have two dog parks.   There are clubs and classes and a huge recreation hall for shows and entertainment. There is a big Frys Market on the corner, a dollar store and a thrift shop.  My sister and I inherited my father’s park model in this park several years ago and it was fun to just fly down there and stay for awhile.   We sold it a couple of years ago in favor of doing more travelling and there’s times we wish we’d hung on to it a little longer.  

One of the best parts about being a retired snowbird, other than flying away from the cold winters, is meeting the neighbors in your temporary home.   You will see license plates from all over the U.S. and Canada.   Everyone has a cheery hello and its easy to meet the neighbors and make friends.   On our street, when you see the balloons outside someone’s patio, that means they are hosting a BYOB happy hour at 5 PM.  Bring your own chair and have a glass of wine and make new friends!

My sister lives in the Phoenix area and we’ve toured many of the parks in this area.   Here’s a little insight.   Some of the parks are definitely not big rig friendly.   Great if you are 30-32 feet, but those with multiple slide outs and over 35 feet need to have a long hard talk with the management before making reservations.   There are a number of these parks that only have back-in sites and narrow streets – making parking a nightmare.   We’ve also found that wifi and cable TV are not always available at the sites but usually available in the clubhouse. 

Summers in the Phoenix area are packed full of things to do including major league baseball summer camps, golf courses, and plenty of scenic drives.   Its fun to just hang out in the park, take a walk and visit with the neighbors.  Many of the parks have ripe grapefruit, lemons and oranges on the trees.   Its a great way to spend the winter! 

Where do you stay in Arizona?  Please leave a comment in the section below and we can swap stories! 

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