Sick When Travelling?  Mind Over Matter

Sick When Travelling? Mind Over Matter

Travelling when sick is just awful.   Not only is it a waste of your planned time and energy, but it can really add to the stress without your own medicines at hand and your own healthcare system.    

On our first trip to England, I came down with a head cold in York and then had 5 days in London while just miserable.  The local pharmacist gave me some over-the-counter symptom relief, but by 5 PM every day, I just wanted to die.   Stubborn to the core, I was not going to let a stupid cold keep me from seeing and doing everything that fabulous London has to offer, so I sucked it up and plodded on, falling into bed every night exhausted. 

Another time, I had to fly to Phoenix on a family emergency and was sick as a dog.    I explained my situation to the counter attendant and asked her if I could have a seat in the back or near a bulkhead so I could try to keep my germs to myself.   She took pity on me and put me in first class in a row by myself!   Too bad I couldn’t enjoy being pampered as I slept most of the way. 

After these two experiences, I have the following in my baggage, just in case. 

1.  My own cold medicine, aspirin, and tea.   I also carry a sleep aid and ear plugs.   Plenty of tissues too.

2.  I carry a big scarf that I can wrap around my head and neck to try and contain the germs. 

3.  My favorite PJs go everywhere. 

Hotel staff can direct you to a pharmacy, a doctor/urgent care facility.   My hotel clerk had a meal delivered from the corner deli so I didn’t have to go out at night.   Asking for help is always a good idea. 

Given the luxury of an extra day to stay in my hotel room and rest, the illness would probably have been easier to deal with.   But being ill is not the end of the world, right?   If nothing else, we can wrap ourselves up and go sit on a park bench and try to enjoy the day somehow.    Mind over matter.   Suck it up. 


Cheryl and her husband have just recently retired and live in the Pacific Northwest. She has been enjoying her herself by traveling around the world, playing with her grandchildren, and she frequently volunteers in her community. There is certainly never a dull moment with Cheryl. She cheerfully co-founded RetireBook and wants to share her energy, hoping that it inspires her readers to live life at its fullest.