Retire in Sedona, Arizona!

Retire in Sedona, Arizona!

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No wonder so many people retire in Sedona, Arizona!  The red rocks, the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon will seduce you like no other place.  Although only 11,000 people call Sedona home, many more have a vacation home here.   This is not a cheap place to live.   Homes average at $400,000 and the average household income is $51,530.  But 29.2% of the population is over 65 – well above the state and national average.  

Sedona has an active senior community, an extremely talented arts community, and thousands of tourists.  There is a lot for residents and visitors to do here.  Take a pink jeep tour over the mountains – if you dare! – or visit the vortex sites around town.   Everywhere you turn there are majestic red mountains – cathedral rocks, teapot rock, and many others.    Hint:  Before you go, make sure you have a reservation for the night.  You will want to spend more than one day.   Visit Tlaquepaque Shopping area to visit the galleries and see some really remarkable local artists.  Be prepared for traffic – and take it slow.   Sedona is not a fast place.     While you are in the area, and if you can tear yourself away from Sedona, consider a trip north to Flagstaff or visit the tiny wonderful little mountain town of Jerome.  

My parents lived here for 15 years and finally moved to be closer to family in 2005.   At that time, the roads were really insufficient for the daily tourist traffic and that has all changed.   The road into Sedona has been widened with several round-abouts making the traffic more organized and flowing better for the residents who need to get to town.   Get a good tourist map so you can find all the sights which are not always marked on the roads. 

Sedona has always held a special place in my heart.   It was a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year.   We came once in February for my mother’s birthday and it was snowing.   Every little ledge in the red rocks held a belt of white snow.   We drove up Oak Creek Canyon – the scenic route to Flagstaff – and had to turn around because the road at the top of the canyon was closed. Oh well.  We saw deer and a beaver going about their business like no one was watching.  Our parents ashes are scattered up on those beautiful rocks on the trail where we used to hike.  Ahhhh.  Sedona.                     

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Sedona Trail by Jim T.
Sedona Trail by Jim T.

 Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and local attractions!


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