Seattle’s Fremont District – The Funky Side of Town

Seattle’s Fremont District – The Funky Side of Town

While the big city is a bridge and a two mile bus ride away, Seattle’s Freemont District is one of our favorite neighborhoods.   No skyscrapers here!   But you will find great little shops, a terrific chocolate factory, more Thai food than you can eat, some high-tech businesses, great old homes, and all within two miles of downtown Seattle!

Theo Chocolate Factory in Fremont
Theo Chocolate Factory in Fremont

Theo Chocolate Factory is a must-do on our visits.   They have a great tour of the factory (be sure to get reservations!) explaining the whole organic chocolate making process.  Founded in 2006, they make the best chocolate bars in all kinds of flavors – try the orange chocolate or the raspberry chocolate – as well as hand crafted pieces of heaven by the piece.   The founder is dedicated to fair trade all the way from “bean to bar” and making sure the farmers are treated fairly and well compensated for their high quality products.   The company store is right on sight with samples to die for. 

The Fremont Troll
The Fremont Troll

Fremont has dozens of public art pieces including the giant troll sculpture with his big hand on a Volkswagen Beetle, and an interurban sculpture of people waiting for the trolley.   The ever-present Starbucks (this is Seattle, after all) sits on a prominent corner where you can sip a cuppa and watch the world go by.   There is the first Friday artwalks, a gay pride parade, a Solstice Parade and Trolloween in October.  Its a fun place to spend a day or a lifetime.  

Many of  the locals refer to this as the Republic of Fremont, Center of the Universe.   This is where the more liberal crowd comes to play.  

Here are some facts about this fun little community:

The Center of the Universe

About 14,000 people call the Fremont District home.   Many have jobs in Seattle and commute by bus or bike the two miles (south) into the center of downtown.  The Washington Ship Canal separates Fremont from Seattle with two bridges crossing the span.   The Fremont side is a wonderful walking park where you can see boats of all kinds passing between the lake and the Puget Sound.  

The housing in this area is quite expensive – location, location, location.   Homes can easily run in the $800,000 plus range, but there are great condos and apartments for rent in the $1,500 to $2,000 a month range.   If you want something a little cheaper, try going further from the water and immediate downtown area.  But I’d want to be within walking distance to the town and all the restaurants. 

This is one of those neighborhoods where you don’t really need a car.   The public transportation is excellent. 

The crime rate in Fremont is certainly lower than in Seattle, making this a very desirable place to live, if even for just a little while. 

Zoom in and out on the map below to see Fremont and local attractions!



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