Retirement in Natchez, Mississippi

Retirement in Natchez, Mississippi

You will find retirement in Natchez, Mississippi at a slower pace and you won’t be alone.  Home to about 16,000 people, 18% are over the age of 65, well above the national average. 

Right on the Mississippi River, Natchez is on the border with Louisiana and is situated about 100 miles north of New Orleans and 80 miles south of Jackson, MS.   

Housing:  The median home price is $125,700.  There are some very nice homes in the city center for a very reasonable price.  We easily found rentals in the $650-800 range.

Taxes:  The state property taxes are quite low.  And keep in mind that Mississippi has no income tax on any kind of retirement income including social security, government, military and local plans, even 401K and retirement pensions.

Crime: Natchez is a culturally diverse town.   The crime rate is slightly higher than the rest of Mississippi, but still well below the national rate.  

Pretty much spared by the damage of the Civil War, there are over 600 examples of antebellum architecture in the area – more than any other city in the south.   Natchez is a treasure trove for those interested in the Civil War.    The town is also the start of the Natchez Trace, the centuries old, 444 mile path from Natchez to Nashville used by native Americans long before the area was settled by Europeans. The parkway now is a beautiful stretch of road with parks, the Emerald Mound burial ground – all just a few miles from downtown Natchez.   

So come on down to Mississippi!  Catch a riverboat or take a tour of a plantation home.  There are more festivals and events that you could imagine!  Or just sit back in the rocker and drink some sweet tea. 

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Zoom in and out on the map below to see the highways, roads and local attractions!


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