Ah…to retire in Thailand. I have been to Thailand many times, and to be honest, if I had only one place to choose, I would pick this place to spend the rest of my life. The people are so very friendly, warm, and welcoming. Thailand is what inspired me to create this site. I want to share its wonders. I want to eat its food, laugh with the locals, and give my fiance’ a hug and never let her go. This is what Thailand does to people. It makes you smile every time you visit. I once asked one of my best friends here in the states before I started travelling “what is your most favorite place you have ever been?” She quickly answered “Thailand”. I now know why.

But I digress, while it is easy to be amazed Thailand’s beauty and culture, it is also very, very affordable to live there. You will find that you can easily live a good life on as little as $1200 per month. There is only one drawback to living in Thailand. It gets a little hot there in the spring and summer. If you can get past that, then you have found your paradise. I know a few people who spend their Fall and Winter time in Thailand, and go back to the states for the Spring and Summer.



Living in Thailand
Pros: Cost of living, Delicious food, Culture, Friendly people
Cons: Language, Very hot in the summer
Best Places to Live: Chiang Mai
Favorite Inexpensive Events: Songkram Festival, Festival of Lights
Did You Know: Bangkok is the world’s most visited city, with 16 million visitors per year.

The Pros and Cons of living in Thailand. Told by two healthy, happy people describing the food and what it is like to live there.


We love JC’s videos about living in Thailand. He has lived there for a long time and is very well liked by everyone.


What do Retirees do in Thailand? Meet others just like you.


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