Discover the paradise of South East Asia

If you really want to stretch your money and live in paradise, we can help you decide where to travel or retire in South East Asia. Explore the wonders of Thailand, the beautiful country of Vietnam, or the sandy beaches of the Philippine Islands.

We can help you find the perfect place to fit your retirement travel budget.  In Asia, the food is amazing, the cost of living is surprisingly inexpensive, and the culture is incredible. History abounds with ancient Buddhist temples. The winters here are perfect, and the summers are hot (reminds me of Arizona). Bottom line, you can easily afford to live here, even on a small Social Security check.

“Zoom In and Out” Street Map of Asia – Try it!

The Best Hostel in the Best Location inside Bangkok

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE The best Hostel in the Best Location inside Bangkok. Gary, Co-Founder, Travel writer 29 May 2017 Bangkok has so many fantastic hostels, it's really hard to choose the best one. For us, for a hostel to be considered the best, it really needs to be in...

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Top 3 Tips to get cheap flights to Thailand

We have been travelling to Thailand quite a bit since 2012. My wife is Thai, and we are always looking for a bargain and for cheap flights to Thailand. We travel to back to Thailand at least twice a year, and we have a simple routine we use to book our cheap flights....

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The Beaches of Thailand

With just over 3,200 miles of coastline, you have plenty of beaches to choose from in Thailand!   This tropical land of beaches has palm trees and jungles, amazing rock formations, and plenty of warm weather and warm water.   Picking one can be a challenge!  After...

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Ao Nang Thailand. Great Beach, Great Value

We went to Thailand for my son's wedding.   Several days later, my husband flew home and my girlfriend and I went south to visit the beaches.  After a hectic couple of days on the island of Phuket, we took friend's advice and made our way to Ao Nang, back on the...

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Bangkok – The Big City with a Big Heart

Bangkok Thailand will surprise you.   The hustle and bustle of a huge city with modern skyscrapers, high end malls, and brand new Toyota taxi's  happily coexists with Buddhist temples, monks, a revered monarchy and ancient tradition.   Not far out of town, you will...

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Unexpected Things About Thailand

We never thought about going to Thailand until our son met and became engaged to a lovely young Thai woman and the wedding was to be held in her home town of Udon Thani.   So Thailand rose to the top of the travel bucket list and four family members and the groom...

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Cost of living and retiring in Hua Hin Thailand

My Thai fiance and I spent quite a bit of time in Hua Hin on my last trip to Thailand. Since I started writing this blog, I have had my eye on Thailand and Hua Hin specifically as a retirement destination. My fiance loves Hua Hin and travels there often, and many of...

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