Retire in Rome, Italy

Retire in Rome, Italy

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Well, maybe not right in the center of the city but how about retiring in the Parioli neighborhood?  One of Rome’s most elegant residential sections, you will find beautiful open green spaces and some really fine restaurants.   This is also one of the safest sections of Rome.   Not the touristy area of town, but who wants to live with tour buses going by all day and night?    I wanted to retire in Rome, Italy but not exactly in Rome.

Parioli, on the north side of town, has several museums, galleries, and oddly enough three very modern concert halls (some say look like “huge alien beetles”) around a large open air amphitheater that seats 3,000.   The venues are used for concerts celebrating all types of music and a central piazza.  Just down the street you will find the Galleria Borghese, a small palace gallery with an extensive collection of paintings, mosaics and sculptures by famous artists.   The gallery has an large bookshop and the café has the best desserts!  This is a fun part of town to just walk. 

Rents in the Parioli run high – a one bedroom flat is in the $1600 range US, plus utilities.   This is not in the center of Rome, so you have to walk a bit to get to public transportation.  Don’t bother getting a car – you can walk faster in Rome.  Most of the people here are executives, political officials, and professionals. 

The thing I like best about Parioli is that Rome – and all that encompasses – is right next door, but not in this neighborhood!  It’s a breather away from the millions of tourists.  An oasis. 

 Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and local attractions!


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