Retire in Queretaro, Mexico
Queretaro Aquaduct

Retire in Queretaro, Mexico

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Santiago de Queretaro is a clean, modern city of 1.8 million people located about 130 miles north of Mexico City right in the middle of Mexico.   You will find modern shopping including Office Depot, Home Depot, Sam’s Club and other familiar outlets.  There are also large modern hospitals and the city serves as a home base for many businesses.   If you are looking to stretch your retirement dollar, you might want to retire in Queretaro, Mexico!

The most remarkable feature of the city is the huge overhead aqueduct, built 1726-1735 and has an interesting story.  In the 1720’s there was no clean drinking water in the city.  A local engineer fell in love with a woman who had taken her vows as a nun.  She was committed to her faith and, although could not commit to him, asked him to demonstrate his affection buy bringing water to the people.  After 9 years the aqueduct was built and it is 4200 feet long and 75 feet high, completely made of stone.  It is well preserved and serves as a magnificent landmark for the city. 

There is a small expat community in Queretaro and the surrounding communities so English is not widely spoken.   We think this would be a great place to immerse yourself in the language and learn Spanish quickly.   Most expats live in the suburb on Juriquilla (pronounced Hurr-e-kee-ya) which is on a beautiful lake.  Major shopping is closeby including a Costco.   This is also the home of Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico – a very highly ranked University. 

$20,000 Condo
$20,000 Condo

We found this lovely condominium right in the central historic district of Queretaro for $22,000 US.  It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, separate quarters for the help, and a rooftop garden.  A high-end rental in the Juriquilla district with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is in the $700 month range.   Utilities will run you $40 per month and internet is another $25.  

Crime in Queretaro is, of course, depending on the neighborhood.   But 93.3% of the population surveyed felt safe walking around during the day, while only 50% felt safe wandering alone at night.   The highest concern was corruption and bribery.   The overall international crime rate was 42 – well below the average. 

Winters in Queretaro are mild, somewhere between the mid-70’s F .  Summers range in the mid 80’s and occasionally it gets into the 90 degrees F. 

Queretaro would be a great place to retire – just 600 miles south of the Texas border.   Just the food alone would make this a very desirable place to live! 

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