Retire in Puerto Armuelles, Panama

Retire in Puerto Armuelles, Panama

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Those who choose to retire in Puerto Armuelles, Panama will find a beach town in the north region of Chiriqi – quite close to the border with Costa Rica.   Puerto is an old Chichita Banana town with a deep water port.   The company departed years ago and left a charming town with lots of amenities.  Although it is at the rural end of the towns and cities in Panama, it has its own charm and has become a haven for expat boaters who travel down from the west coast of the US.  Just over 25,000 live here and many are expats.

This is Panama and the weather is definitely tropical.   The weather is in the 80’s-90’s every day and there is seasonal rain that can reach 12 inches in a month.  The humidity is about 80 most all the time.  But Puerto always has an ocean breeze!

The town has a relatively low crime rate for both personal and property crimes.  

You will find markets, banks and a hospital in town that serves both Puerto and many of the beach towns along the coast.  There are plenty of restaurants and street food, pharmacies, hardware stores, bars, and shops.  There is a small airfield with private flights to David (Da-Veed).  There are several home developments popping up in the area where you buy a lot and build to suit.  Remember that all new construction is tax free for 20 years!

Rentals in Puerto Armulles are not hard to find and run in the $300 to $700 range U.S. per month, making this one of the most economical places to live in Panama.   We found a 10 year old 2 bedroom cottage (1300 sq. feet) with quite a large landscaped yard for sale at $125,000.    Add another $150 US for utilities (including internet), food, entertainment and life is pretty darned good in Puerto!

Puerto residents take their baseball very seriously!   There are several fields in the area with regular games where the whole town comes to watch.  Same with the many parades. There is also a small golf course.   Fishing and surfing are popular, as is hiking. 

While nearby David and Boquete Panama are cooler and have become very popular expat retirement havens, you can live in Puerto for about half the cost and have the beach at your doorstep! 

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