Retire in Loja, Ecuador

Retire in Loja, Ecuador

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Loja, one of the oldest cities in Ecuador was founded in 1548.  Approximately 210,000 people call this lovely place home including expats who came to retire in Loja, Ecuador.  The city sits in the southern inland portion of Ecuador at 6,758 feet.   The weather is very consistent: the average high every day is 73 degrees, and the average low is 44.  Every day.  About 35 inches of rain falls every year.

Loja is known as the city of music with street performers, dance clubs and concerts.   You will also find galleries with local artists and historic churches.  Follow the orange sidewalk strip to take you to the points of interest in town.   There are some amazing well-preserved buildings including the Gates of Loja and the Church of San Sebastian.    There are two rivers in town with bridges that provide easy access to both sides.   Walking is the way of life and you really don’t need a car.

The closest airport is about 30 miles away at Catamayo where you can catch flights to Quito or Guayaquil.  Bus tickets to ride all over Loja are 25 cents.

A one bedroom apartment near the center of town was recently posted at the market for $400.  Further away from the city in working neighborhoods, expect to pay $200.   A two bedroom home in a nice neighborhood recently listed for $76,000 US.   You will pay about $50 for utilities and $50 for internet service.

Loja has been largely undiscovered by expats – but the word is getting out.   You absolutely must learn Spanish in this town.  There are two universities here and several language schools.   The people are very welcoming and willing to help you learn.  

Those who retire in Loja will fit in very well if they dress like the locals, do not flaunt their wealth in any way, and learn the language.    Crime is not really any more of a concern than anyplace else, but be aware that there are thieves who target “rich Americans”.  If this is a concern, make certain you find a local agent who will help you find a secured building or home.

Loja also has plenty of festivals, parades, religious holidays and concerts to keep you busy all year long!   What a great place to live!

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