Retire in Lake Chapala, Mexico

Retire in Lake Chapala, Mexico

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If you are looking to escape the cold winters of the US and Canada, and you feel you are ready for a quick, inexpensive and safe adventure, then Lake Chapala would be perfect place to retire. At almost half the cost of living in the US, about 40,000 expatriates have decided to live and retire in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Located in the center of Mexico, Lake Chapala is the largest lake in the country, and is about 50 miles wide. Several small little towns are along the shores of this beautiful tree lined lake. The most popular of these destinations for retirees is a small town named Ajijic.

The expatriates and the locals have a fun and lively healthy sense of adventure in Ajijic. There are so many things to do in this town. With the climate being so perfect all year round you can enjoy just about any outdoor activity such as playing golf, tennis, bike riding, hiking, or even take part in a community theater…you name it. 

Locals and expats all look out for each other. Even at night, you will see many locals and expats walking the streets visiting each other, and walking to restaurants near their homes. It’s a very safe community. This is much like old Mexico, with strong communities and good families.

This could be your rental home for $650 per month..

Two bedroom homes rent for about $650 per month in a gated community completely furnished (see picture of one we found for that price). Maid service is around $50 per month. And since the other expenses are so low, we figure that a couple could easily live in Ajijic for around $1500 to $2000 per month. If you want to live in an apartment in the center of town, you can find them for around $400 per month.

Another attractive benefit to Lake Chapala is how close it is to the United States. Flights leaving Los Angeles to Guadalajara only take 3 and a half hours, and it’s a quick 40 mile drive to Lake Chapala from there.

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