Retire in La Paz, Mexico

Retire in La Paz, Mexico

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Here’s an interesting place to consider for a low-cost retirement.   La Paz is on the Baja California Peninsula, about 500 miles from San Diego, California – or a two hour flight.   The city of 220,000 is the capital of the state of Baja and enjoys one of the highest standards of living in Mexico.   The warm weather, low housing costs, friendly neighbors, proximity to the U.S. and a large expat community make this a very attractive place.  Why not retire in La Paz, Mexico?

Mexico, La Paz turtles
La Paz Neighbors

First, the weather.   This is a desert climate where you will see more than 300 days of sunshine a year.  December – April sees 68-78 degrees F as a high and much colder at night.   The summers are warmer with temperatures in the 90’s.  The warm water of the Gulf of California can have sea temperatures as high as 86 degrees in the summer!  Expect just 6 inches of rain all year long.

La Paz is all about the water with world class diving, snorkeling and kayaking.   There are hundreds of little islands to explore.  Take the Isla Espiratu Santo, just an hour off shore with its crystal clear water, amazing sea live and dozens of little coves and beaches to explore.    La Paz is also a mecca for sailboats who cruise right by Cabo San Lucas to the more sheltered waters of the Gulf.  La Paz has marinas, boat yards, boat supplies and a large ‘live-aboard’ community.    The town also has several university campuses with marine biology programs. 

$88,350 in LaPaz
$88,350 in LaPaz

We found this charming 2 bedroom home with 1,290 square feet in a gated La Paz community for $88,350.  There are a number of smaller homes for snow-birds who only come for a month or two.   This is the kind of place where you want a safe place for your belongings while you hit the beach.   Or sit out by the pool while “camping” in your little winter cottage. 

La Paz itself has everything you’d want including modern supermarkets, healthcare, dentists, a modern airport with regular flights home, world class restaurants, hotels, and entertainment.   

The only downside to La Paz is driving down there.   The Mexican government is improving many of the roads and you can expect delays and some unpaved sections.   Don’t even think about driving down there at night – livestock wander on the roads at all hours.   You must carry liability insurance.   The roads are routinely patrolled by the police and generally safer than in the past.  We recommend flying and renting a car for your first trip.   If you purchase property and can leave a car down there – more the better.   Don’t forget to stop at the border for your Mexican Tourist Visa.    Be sure to Google “Baja Road Report” before you embark on this adventure.                                                                                                              Photo By Tim Buss via

Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and attractions!


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