Retire in Kaneohe, Hawaii

Retire in Kaneohe, Hawaii

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Retire in Hawaii?   You betcha!

Let’s face it.  Honolulu is a fun busy city with lots of traffic and tourists.   While, on occasion, we are attracted to those big city lights, most of us want something a little more peaceful on a day to day basis.   We found a great spot for you just 30 minutes northeast of downtown in the great little community of Kane’ohe.   Retire in Kane’ohe, Hawaii!

This residential community is home to the Kane’ohe Marine Corps Base with 9500 service men and women and their families who mostly live on those premises.   The locals will tell you that the airbase was bombed on December 7, 1941 – 9 minutes before the attack on Pearl Harbor.   If you are retired military, you can get on base to shop at the commissary and PX.

Kane’ohe has a nice little town center with a mall, restaurants, shops and some tourist attractions like snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding, etc.  The Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens are well worth a visit.   Another big attraction are the golf courses in the area where you can play at a much lower cost than those in Honolulu.  

We poked into a real estate agency and the agent showed us rental listings of several long-term homes, condo’s, and sublets in the $1,400-$2,000 a month range.   We also saw a listing for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse for sale with a very modern kitchen, 1200 square feet, fully furnished with appliances and a view for $279,000.   Not everything in Hawaii is millions of dollars!

One of our favorite things to do in Kane’ohe is take a kayak out early in the morning to the sandbar that is visible only at low tide.   You have the place entirely to yourself until the tour boats come later in the day.    The low tide means you can see the reef below quiet clearly.   We often saw big turtles, very colorful fish and coral.   Take the sun screen!   There is absolutely no shade on the bar!  The Kane’ohe bay is the largest sheltered body of water in Hawaii.   This makes for excellent sailing and watersports of all kinds.  

You can always pop over to Honolulu to go to a museum, catch a flight to another island or fly back to the mainland, have dinner in the big city, or just make a run to Costco.  We thought Kane’ohe was a great place to spend a month or two in the winter!

I wonder where they sell those little umbrellas for my afternoon cocktail? 

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Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and attractions!


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