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“The center of culture in Scotland”


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We received a letter last week from Clare C, who lives in Glasgow. She asked us to write about about retiring in Glasgow. She wrote “Glasgow is full of culture and has a rich history. You will also find people from Glasgow much more friendly than most other places in Scotland.”

Well, we have been to Glasgow before, and we love it. The people there are really easy to make friends with. If you ask for someone from Glasgow for directions, don’t be surprised if they decide to join you on your journey and strike up a conversation. That’s the hospitality of Glaswegians.

Glasgow is no longer the city of coal mines and ship building. Glasgow is now a thriving city full of culture. It is the largest city in Scotland and was recently voted as one of the most affordable places to retire in the UK. Housing is very affordable. We found many one bedroom flats as cheap as £600 and three bedroom flats as low as £1,250. And because of Glasgow’s size, you will find lots of friendly restaurants and easy access to medical care.

If shopping is your thing, or if you are in search of a great pub with welcome smiles – Glasgow has it all.

The West Highland Way starts at the north end of Glasgow. This 96 mile hiking trail has sweeping pastoral views and is a favorite destination for people of all ages.

The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. Because of the university’s location and atmosphere, Glasgow consistently has high marks for student satisfaction.

The university has inspired the talents of seven Nobel Laureates, one Prime Minister, Scotland’s current First Minister and the country’s first female medical graduates.

History of Glasgow

Glasgow’s favorite actor tells us about
the history and culture of his favorite city.

“In my opinion, Glasgow suits a retired person very well. The environment is designed for older people. The buses have wheelchair bays. These are very convenient for older people and those who are handicapped. Moreover, people in wheelchairs can access many places throughout the city. The people have a universal health coverage. This healthcare is specific for the Scottish citizens. Glasgow is a wonderful place.”


Glasgow Necropolis

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Map of Glasgow

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