Retire in Grenada, Spain

Retire in Grenada, Spain

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Grenada sits right below the mountains, 40 miles inland from the south Mediterranean coast.   A mid-sized city of about 300,000, Grenada has the usual churches, markets, and a historical site or two.   What sets Grenada apart is the Alhambra which is considered by some to be one of the wonders of the world.   It is a massive castle began in 1238 by the Nasrid Dynasty.  The use of space, light, water and decoration was used to create paradise on earth.  Plaster, timber and tiles were skillfully applied by master artisans throughout the ages.   The result is a huge complex consisting of residences, palaces with amazing detailed interiors, gardens, patios, chapels and towers.  The Alhambra is a major tourist destination in all of Spain and thousands visit every day.   If you want to visit, you need reservations months in advance.

If you would like to retire in Grenada, here’s what you should know.  Grenada has a moderate temperature with mostly sunny days and cooler at night.  July and August can be very hot but the climate is a dry heat unlike Barcelona.   There is very little rain, averaging 14 inches per year.    The crime rate in Spain is lower than the rest of Europe and is much lower in Granada.   One bedroom flats can be found for $460 per month.    Granada has a small airport, city buses and regular bus routes from Seville (to the north) and to the beaches.  There are 3 trains each day with connections to the rest of Spain.

The best way to see Grenada is on foot.  Plaza Isabel La Catolica is right in the middle of town and locals give directions based on distance from this site.   There is a statue of Columbus in the square.   Watch for traffic – there are too many scooters, fast cars and the crosswalks are there for decoration.   There is so much to see in Grenada with cathedrals, shopping districts, narrow little curvy streets in and out of the many neighborhoods surrounding the city.

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