Retire in Frederick, Maryland

Retire in Frederick, Maryland

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Frederick Maryland is a medium sized town just north of Washington D.C. and west of Baltimore.  Who knows how long this area has been occupied, but the first Europeans settled in what is now Frederick in 1745.   Primarily a Pennsylvania Dutch (ethnic Germans) town, it later became occupied by the Scots-Irish and later still by the French.    The English garrisoned a German Hessian regiment in town during the Revolutionary War and many of those soldiers stayed as settlers after the conflict.  During the Civil War, Frederic had several hospitals to care for the wounded and was a major thoroughfare for soldiers on both sides.  The area is littered with battlefields, museums and historic markers.  History buffs just might want to retire in Frederick, Maryland!

Frederick has evolved over the years and has become known as one of America’s top “small art Cities” with a 50 block downtown area featuring historical architecture, galleries, specialty shops and highly rated restaurants.  On any day in the summertime, you can see visitors wandering the streets enjoying the sights and stopping in the many antique shops.  Frederick is a dog-friendly place and many establishments have watering stations for your pooch. 

Frederick Canal
Frederick Canal Photo By Mr.TinDC via

If you are here in the summertime, stop by Baker Park, a 44 acre gem with a lake, swimming pool, and summer concerts on the grass.  Catch a play at the “Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre” with several shows each season. 

One of the most outstanding features in town is the Community Bridge Mural.  Carroll Creek had flooded in 1970’s and did major damage to the downtown area.  The waterway was improved and a new bridge was built connecting both sides.  The bridge was somewhat of an eyesore and the city decided to apply a unique paint trick called “trompe l’oeil” to make it look like an old stone bridge. The community was asked to submit drawings showing what community meant to them.   The artist, William Cochran, gathered his staff and volunteers and painted the bridge to look like hundreds of carved stones depicting the ideas on a new “stone” bridge.  Thousands of visitors come to see the “new” bridge every year and it is a real source of pride in the community.

Today, this nice little town is home to some 66,000 people and is just 45 miles north of Washington D.C..  The town has 19% of it’s population over the age of 55.  We also found that 34% of the adult population has a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.  The median sale price of a single-family home is $243,065 and rents average in the $1,400 range.   Both sales and rentals are considerably lower than those in Washington D.C., making this a popular place to live just outside the metropolitan area.

$154,000 on Zillow
$154,000 on Zillow

This brand new condominium has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and lists for $154,000.   There are other single family homes in the area that would be perfect for a retired person or couple.  

We loved Fredrick.   The locals are very nice and welcoming.   The town is just a stone’s throw from the bay and all that D.C. and Baltimore have to offer.   This would be a great place to live!

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Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and attractions!


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