Retire in Faro, Portugal

Retire in Faro, Portugal

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Faro has been the capital of the Algarve since 1756.   Centrally located on the far southern shore of Portugal, Faro enjoys wonderful weather, golf courses, and ancient historical areas dating from the 18th and 19th century.   It is an easy town to walk and you will find open air markets, cafes and restaurants, shopping, and the Museu Arqueologico with finds from all over the region.  Faro is a smaller town with about 65,000 people.

The average high temperature in January is 64 degrees F and the average high in the hottest month of July is 85.  On a few days of the year, the temperature can run into the 90’s.   Faro gets 20 inches of rain a year with December being the wettest month.   They boast over 3,000 hours of sunny days a year!

Big Deal:  Portugal does not tax retirement income!

If you retire in Faro, Portugal you will find long-term one bedroom apartments in the center of the city will run about $500 per month.  Out of town you will pay around $400.   It is really important that you use a rental agent because the contracts are in Portuguese.  Like Spain, unfurnished can mean no kitchen cupboards or countertops and no appliances.  You will need everything.  Furnished may or may not mean an entire apartment full of furniture, but will usually include the kitchen.  

The entire cost of living index (food, gas, utilities, rent and transportation) is well below what you would expect in the U.S.  Crime in all of Portugal is extremely low, but there is a problem with corruption and bribery.  You are very safe walking alone most any time of the day.

There are a  number of health care clinics in the Algarve and many have urgent care centers.  There is a hospital in Faro and another one further west in Alvor and in Portimao.  There are many English speaking physicians, dentists, pharmacists in this area due to the tourist and expat trade.

Faro has regular train services to Lisbon (to the north) and other cities in Portugal.   The Faro Airport flights to Lisbon and to the UK and other destinations in Europe.   The Algarve is a very popular destination!

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