Retire Everywhere!

Retire Everywhere!

Many years ago, on my first trip to the UK, we flew out of Vancouver BC which is not far from home.   So many amazing things happened on that trip, but the first thing that happened was at the check-in desk.   The clerk put a tag on my suitcase that said World Traveler and it changed my life. I am a traveler of the world!  

I can go anywhere my heart, and pocketbook, desires! 

The whole concept of travel has changed since our parent’s and grandparent’s time when you rarely flew anywhere or very far from home.   In ten hours from now, I could be in Westminster Abby.   In eleven hours, I could be in the Louvre.   Doesn’t it seem that our world is smaller?  

Here’s a thought.   Now that you are retired and not tied to a job, why do you have to stay in one place?   If your home is paid for, or even it’s not and you can afford the mortgage,  who says you have to live there all the time?  

Consider how free you will be if you pay off your mortgage before you retire!  Aside from any pension, IRA or TSA you have acquired, the average couple on Social Security makes $3,000 a month.   For that kind of money, you could be a snowbird and rent an apartment in Mesa Arizona for 3 months while your house is covered in snow.   You could travel to Belize and live in a little house near the beach for a time and when you get lonesome for your grandkids or the garden, head back home.  If you are single, like me, find someone to travel with. 

I’m not saying be gone the whole year,  but you can certainly retire in France for a spring if you have always wanted to go there.  

You can live in Thailand and travel southeast Asia for $1800 a month and live like a king.   

Use your saved air miles and fly to London for the fall.

Furnished rentals are available all over the world.   You can make arrangements with a Bed and Breakfast for a long-term rental and stay for several months.  Help with the chores and become part of another family.   Make friends with the locals and stay awhile.  See what living in Costa Rica would really be like. 

Personally, I want to be in my own home for Christmas with my family who lives in the area, so you won’t find a For Sale sign in my front yard.  The rest of the year, I am free to either stay home and save up for the next trip or travel anyplace in the world.   In the world!   Retire everywhere!

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So what do you think?    Where would you like to retire for 3 months?
Zoom in and out on the map below to see where you want to go!




Michael is a retired, single, world traveler who enjoys being outdoors, a good pint of beer or glass of wine, and museums.