Retire in Dingle, Ireland

Retire in Dingle, Ireland

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The Dingle peninsula pushes 30 miles further into the Atlantic from the southwest corner of Ireland.   The mountains give way to sandy beaches with ample opportunity for hiking, surfing, fishing or simply walks on the shore.   The warmer weather comes up the coast from Portugal and, on occasion, makes it downright hot in Ireland.    The Dingle is home to a thriving Irish language community with a rich musical history, friendly people, artists, and enough historical sites to keep you busy for a long time.    The area also is an archeological Disneyland with ringforts, Ogham stones, Iron Age forts, mediaeval churches and holy wells.   Guided tours are the best way to find these treasures.  No wonder so many people come here to see the ‘real’ Ireland.  On the peninsula are several towns and villages, including the town of Dingle.

The locals in Dingle are proud of their preserved language which is commonly spoken at schools, at work and at home.   Summer students come to Dingle to participate in language immersion colleges by staying in local homes and participating in cultural events.    The area also hosts traditional Irish music schools with students from all over the world.

There are lots of properties to rent in Dingle.  But.  This is a very popular place for holidays and they don’t come cheap.   We have cousins who rented a home for 12 people to stay in the area and, divided among them, it wasn’t too bad.   We found one flat in Lispole, a 2-bedroom apartment, furnished, for $900 a month, but that was the only flat we could find.  Home rentals are by the week or night.    There is train service to Tralee at the far east of the peninsula and everything else is accessible by bus.  If you plan to visit or retire in Dingle, Ireland, make sure you have lodging arranged before you leave home.  The closest international airport is in Cork, a little over 90 miles away.  The major hospital is in Dingle on the south of the peninsula.

There is so much outdoors in the Dingle.   Hikers worldwide come to Dingle for hill walks, costal walks, looped walks circling farms and fields as well as hills and glens and guided to find the hidden places.   Irish have their own version of football and they are rabid about the game.   There is fishing fit for a king.  Mountain climbing has become a huge draw.   You can also find horseback riding trails and more bicycle trails than you can imagine cover the area, many leading to outstanding views of the coastline. 

What a wonderful place to explore!

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