Retire in Corozal, Belize

Retire in Corozal, Belize

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Corozal is a town of about 10,000 people just south of the border with Mexico.   While all of the country speaks English and accepts the U.S. dollar 2 to 1, with no income tax on out-of-country income, Corozal’s advantage is being close to the Mexican town of Chetumal (population 153,000) with shopping malls, Walmart, Office Depot, etc. 

Those who retire in Corozal, Belize will find an estimated 600 expats from the US, Canada, Europe, and China.  Actually there are quite a few Chinese businesses in this little town which keeps the culture diverse and the food interesting.  There is a library, a tiny little museum, a lovely town square with a clock tower, benches and grass.

The weather ranges from the low 60’s (rarely) to 85 or 90F.   The humidity, year round is in the high 80’s.  This is the tropics, after all!   The annual rainfall is about 54 inches.   But sunny days?  Corozal sees 2,500 hours of sunshine every year.   For people considering Belize as a snowbird residence, you will find January through March with weather in the mid 70’s with less than 2 inches of rain per month.  A small place on a big bay, Corozal is quite sheltered from the Gulf.   

Our research has found several expats living in Corozal for $19,000 per year or twice that in Ambergris Caye.  A nice dinner for two is about $30 U.S.   To buy or rent?   We easily found newer, American styled homes with several bedrooms in the $75,000- $200,000 range with property, depending on whether its next to the water or away from town.  Many people have purchased property down here as an investment or for future retirement and use it as rental property.  These run in the $300-$600 range.   It is not hard to find a long-term rental in a very nice home or complex.

There is a health clinic in town for minor concerns.  For more serious conditions, there is a hospital across the border in Mexico and in Belize City.

If you want a fast paced, exciting, nightlife or lifestyle, Corozal may not be for you.   Life is slow here and the livin’ is easy.   If you are into fishing, snorkeling and sailing, however – you’ve just landed in paradise!

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