Retire in Brescia, Italy

Retire in Brescia, Italy

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Before we even get started, watch this amazing video about Brescia to put a picture in your mind!

In the north of Italy, midway between Verona and Milan, lies Brescia. (Pronounced bresh-ia)  A metropolitan area of about 1.5 million people, Brescia has been an important industrial and cultural center for over 3,000 years. Those who retire in Brescia, Italy will find several large companies in the area, so employment is good and the streets are relatively safe.   Brescia is known for making fine mechanical tools, trucks, weapons and steel.   The government here is stable.

But Brescia is also home to fine wine, violin making, agriculture, friendly people and several UNESCO World Heritage monuments.  We found fabulous murals in several of the really old buildings dating back to the middle ages.   The old town has charming cobblestone streets with shops and some really fine restaurants.   The tourism department will tell you that you will see all of Italy in Brescia.   There two beautiful lakes with sailing and thermal waters.

If you are looking for a rental, a 2-bedroom flat in the city center will run in the $900 US range.  Add another $300 for utilities.    Some parts of the city have smog, so it’s best to visit first and find a flat through an agent unless you speak excellent Italian.  Traffic, as in most cities in Italy, leaves a lot to be desired.

Brescia has excellent hospitals, transportation centers, and public services.

We picked Brescia mostly because of its fascinating history, culture, location and the weather.  Northern Italy does not get as hot as the south.  It is not far to visit major cultural sites outside the city.   Verona is 60 miles east and Milan is 100 miles to the west.   In 9 hours, you could drive to Paris.

We loved Brescia – you will too!

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 Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and local attractions!


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