Vote to Protect Your Retirement Benefits

Vote to Protect Your Retirement Benefits

I am going to say this now, and get it over with. I will never vote for a politician that wants to cut my Social Security and Medicare benefits.. I am not alone on this topic. It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican. Just about every single American does not want their retirement benefits reduced, delayed, or taken away. We have paid into this system our whole lives, and we deserve a secure financial future. We were promised this as a nation. I implore every person reading this article to put aside your differences as a Republican or Democrat and use your vote to protect your retirement benefits.

The Republican Presidential debate has us very concerned about how out of touch our politicians are for the middle class and our views on retirement. We heard talk during the debate about raising the age of retirement, or privatizing Social Security, or cutting Medicare. If any of these things happen, it would not only devastate many well deserving retirees, it would mean most of us would not be able to afford to retire at all.

Governor Chris Christie said during the debate he wants a “means tested” Social Security system. He also wants to raise the age of retirement. Rand Paul mentioned during the debate that he wants to raise the age for Social Security. Jeb Bush also wants to privatize Social Security and raise the retirement age. Almost all of them mentioned the same thing. Not every candidate on that stage mentioned they would cut these benefits. Mike Huckaby, Carly Fiorina, and Donald Trump both said they would not cut these benefits or raise the age of retirement during the debate.

In regards to Social Security cuts, I ask you, as a middle class American – what are they thinking?! I have worked my whole life as a middle class American. I have worked at good jobs, and I saved like crazy for my retirement into my 401k, just like I was told to. I have not retired yet, but when I do, I will need the Social Security benefits to help me in my retirement and I will need them when I was promised at the age of 67. And I will need Medicaid to help pay for my insurance. I have paid into these systems my whole life. I didn’t have a choice if I was paying my taxes into these systems, none of us did. To delay or reduce our Social Security and Medicaid is considered theft. I earned this Social Security money. I paid into it, I worked hard for it my whole life to get it, and I need it to survive.

What I am asking from each American, is to know where each candidate stands. I have crossed the party lines in a presidential election before. I am asking all of us as a nation to look at what is most important to us, and that is our Social Security. It is vitally important to all of us to not delay or diminish our benefits that were promised to us since we took our very first job. Social Security should be strengthened, not diminished. And just as equally important is an affordable health care system in our retirement. Find out where your favorite politician stands on Social Security, and vote with your retirement in mind.

If you want to know where any candidate stands on any issue, regardless of party affiliation, click their names below to see what they have said and how they have voted in the past on Social Security.

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