Provincetown, Massachusetts! Come and Play!

Provincetown, Massachusetts! Come and Play!

Provincetown sits at the very end of Cape Cod, beaconing the world to come out and play.  A unique blend of arts, beaches, theatre, a friendly local population and lots of history, Provincetown is a very liberal town that is chock full of year round activities.   But Provincetown’s main claim to fame is the fact that this is the original landing of the Pilgrims in 1620 and where the Mayflower Compact was signed before anyone was let ashore.   They were the only ones in known history who didn’t love the area (no town, no water, and in November, no less) they moved on to Plymouth where they could farm and have more shelter from the storms.  Go figure.

Ptown 4 city compressed
Commercial Street on a sunny morning!

Today, P-town, as it’s known in New England, is a thriving year round community.   With the winter temperatures in the low 20’s with huge winds and storms, the town comes alive in April to celebrate the better weather which can reach the mid 80’s in July.    There is most always a nice breeze, no matter how hot.   When New England swelters in the hot humid summers, P-town draws everyone to the beaches.  

Some of the town highlights include the giant Pilgrim Monument, the tallest granite structure in the U.S. and seen from miles away.   Buy a ticket and take the easy interior walk up to the top to view the town and shoreline.   (If I can climb up 116 steps and ramps, most anyone can!)   Festivals  include a Jazz Festival in August, several sailing, bicycle and foot races. The Film Festival is in June, and be sure not to miss the Carnival of Dogs also in June.   There are also several LGBT events throughout the year.

Population:   About 3,000 people live in Provincetown and many others have seasonal homes in the area.   We found that 14.2% were over the age of 65, although this seems like a younger town.  

Crime:  The crime rate in Provincetown has dropped significantly in the last year or two (both violent and property crime) and both figures are below the state average for Massachusetts and the U.S. as a whole.   Theft (purse and wallet snatching in particular) remain a bit high in the tourist areas.

$399,000 on Zillow - right downtown!
$399,000 on Zillow – right downtown!

Housing:  The median home value is in the $470,000 range and most were built pre WWII.  There are a number of historic homes in town.   If you want an escape beach house, we found this condo with water and Commercial Street views right downtown for $399,000.    There are also dozens of rentals and bed and breakfast accommodations for short term Stays. 

Transportation:   There are ferries from Plymouth and Boston and a little airport with regular service.   But the drive out there (Boston is only 115 miles away)  is really beautiful and there are a number of other towns well worth a visit as well.  Check out Chatham and Hyannis for example.  Take a picnic and stop at the many beaches or sand dues in the area and enjoy your day.    P-town is calling!

Zoom in and out on the map below to see local attractions!


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