Friends Steve and Susan have been retired for several years.   They parked their car in the garage and put it on a low voltage charger and pedal their bikes or take public transportation.   “It takes 1.5 hours to walk downtown.   It’s mostly flat, so we have an easy route.   We see a play or go to an event and then take the bus or Max Light Rail back home, stopping at the market along the way.”   A retired police officer and a teacher, they are loving the retired life.  Portland Pedal Power!

The Max light rail opened in 1985 when other cities were still trying to figure out what to do with their traffic.   The one line between downtown and Gresham in the east county has now expanded to more than 54 miles of track and 84 stations all over the city.   Service includes the Portland Airport, major shopping malls, Washington Park Zoo, the Convention and Expo centers.   Developers dream of a line to Vancouver Washington – across the Columbia River.   Trains run every 15 minutes, are on time, clean and safe. Downtown Portland has a fareless square where riders can go across town without a fee.   There is really no reason to drive your car into the metro area.

There is also an extensive bus service all over town that stops at the Max stations.   See the Tri-Met website for both light rail and bus schedules.

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Zoom in and out on the map below to see the roads and local attractions!