Plymouth Massachusetts – America’s First Town

Plymouth Massachusetts – America’s First Town

Plymouth Mayflower 2 compressedOne of the main draws to New England has been to learn more about our Pilgrim Ancestors and what better place to go than Plymouth Massachusetts? We have researched the tree on and it lead us directly to those intrepid founders of America who landed in 1620.  Can you imaging getting off that miserable boat (in November, no less!) with no shelter and little food.   No wonder so many of them died that first winter.

Our trip to Plymouth was a very different experience!  A short 40 miles from Boston, the waterfront park is very welcoming with a long walking area, the replica of the Mayflower sitting in the harbor, and the canopy covering the most famous rock in America.   Before the city protected it from vandals, the rock was moved several times and in the process, broke apart before finding its final resting place in 1920-21.  It is now cemented back together and remains one of the most visited historical sites in the United States.   We walked through Brewster Park (my ancestors) and up the hill past the Fuller House (husbands ancestor) to the main part of town where we found charming shops, restaurants, several lively pubs who were watching a Patriots game,  and the Pilgrim Graveyard.

Plymouth Samuel Fuller house compressed 

But what would it be like to actually retire in Plymouth?    Here’s what we found.

Population:  Approximately 57,000 permanent residents live in Plymouth.   Bostonians also own vacation homes in the area, so the population is seasonal.   And 16.3% are over the age of 65.   30% of those over 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher.  The median household income is $49,000.

$279K Condo 2B/2B with view! Zillow
$279K Condo 2B/2B with view!

Housing:  The median home price is $350,000.   Historical homes are quiet a bit more.   There are several adult communities in the area who are drawn by the waterfront, history, and cooler summers than Boston.  Not quite on Cape Cod, this nice little community is just close enough to the big city if you want all Boston has to offer, but without the freeways and crowds.  Here’s a nice condo (with a gorgeous view) we found for you on Zillow!

Crime:  Here’s the good news:  Both the property crime rate and the violent crime rate are well below the national average and well below the rest of Massachusetts. 

Taxes:   All income is taxed at 5.3% but pensions and social security are exempt.  Property Tax is the 8th highest in the US, but there is a $1,000 tax credit for those over 65 who qualify.  

Weather:   Plymouth is on the coast and the temperatures range from 10 degrees in the winter to mid 80’s in the summer.    The town gets 49 inches of rain and it can snow in the winter!

Sadly, our visit to Plymouth came to a close.   We had one more margarita at Sam Diego’s – out on the patio where we could people watch – and it was time to move on.    Plymouth is definitely one of our favorite spots in New England!

Zoom in and out on the map below to see roads and attractions!


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