In the past year I have been planning my life to live in another country, namely Thailand. Why do I want to do this? Here are three exciting reasons.

  • The cost of living is very low. It only costs $1,200 a month for a couple to live comfortably. So low…I will retire at the age of 53, using the money I have from the sale of my home. When that money starts to run low, I will use my 401k money at the age of 59 ½. And after that, I will draw from my social security.
  • I love everything about Thailand and its Buddhist culture. I love its delicious food, beautiful beaches, and all the friends I have met there in my visits.
  • And lastly, the my girlfriend is there. We have been dating for 3 wonderful years in a long distance relationship and we have decided that we want to be together full time. She has a great job, plus a close group of family and friends, and she is reluctant to leave them. She loves me and calls me every day when we are apart, and I love her more than anything. I have met her family, and she has met mine, and they are very special to both of us. Someday, I hope to marry her.

So, I have told my family and friends “I am moving to Thailand as in about 2 years”. I may not see them as often but, on the bright side, the people closest to me will have a really good reason to travel abroad to visit me. They have a great excuse to see a part of the world they would have never seen before. Besides, it’s not like I will be gone forever, I plan on making trips back to the states every year or so.

My biggest concern is my dog, Bear. I am in the process of looking for a safe way to get him over there. In the old days, taking a pet on such a flight was very risky. It is safer now, and Delta Airlines will even allow a pet in the cabin area.

My other thought is what I’ll do when I move to Thailand? My girlfriend and I both want to stay busy and become a positive influence in our community. She is a pharmacist at her hospital, and she wants to start up a new pharmacy in her home town. I want to learn how to speak Thai as soon as possible (she speaks perfect English). I will become a volunteer at an English speaking school and teach children. I will also teach kids about web design and computer networking, because that is what I do now for a living.

If I could influence just one Thai child to follow in my footsteps to learn English and have a good career in the computer field, I would be happy. But mostly, I want to be with my girlfriend in this beautiful country.