Our Search For The Perfect RV Spot

Our Search For The Perfect RV Spot

Don’t trust everything you see on the internet, especially when looking for “that perfect RV spot”.

While preparing for our next get-a-way, we chose a spot online that looked like it might work with the direction of sunrise and where the awning would be to provide shade. Mind you, we usually don’t care about this too much.  WE live in AZ and most of our travels take us out of the heat.

One particular time, however, at the end of the warm days, braving mid 80s by noon, this didn’t work. We set up with a gorgeous

Awning a must in AZ!
Awning a must in AZ!

view of the mountains but the late October sun track did not allow for shade except on the slide-out side and in front of the motorhome. Nice in the shade, hot in the sun. The awning did squat for that low angle sun!

We drove around the park to see if there were other spots that would allow shade on our awning side. Nothing was available for the time we needed.

Another time, the online spot looked great but when pulling in and after setting up, the awning was stopped by a tree a little too close to the unit. That wasn’t bad as the trees were plenty and no need all day for shade.

So, what to do? One idea is to possibly visit next year’s sites in advance at the same time of year you are currently visiting. Does this make sense? Scope out the sun’s path and see what works for what spots. Take notes!  I keep an electronic journal of where we’ve been and if returning, make notes of possible changes. Drop in a photo of ideal spots, showing the number.

The perfect RV spot?   When we find it we’ll let you know?    Have you found your spot?   Let us know in the space below!


Barbara T

Barbara Tibbets is newly retired from Arizona State University (Oct. 2014) as a graduate student advisor. She has no problem filling her days with watercolor painting and plans to teach what she's learned the last 38 + years, hopefully traveling with her husband, Jim, and their 4 year-old dog, Meadow. Barbara has lived in the Philippines when a teen, and later in Italy with her family for two years. She also writes articles and tutorials as a new-found retirement activity.