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Did you know you can live in a warm tropical country at a fraction of the cost? Places such as Thailand, Ecuador, Vietnam, Portugal, and Mexico are much more affordable.


Your happiness begins with finding a healthy lifestyle just for you.

Traveling abroad opens your eyes to new cultures.

You’d be surprised how friendly other cultures can be.

9 Things you can do for your homesick wife.

I have a homesick wife. My wonderful wife and I met 4 years ago, and just recently, she moved all the way from Thailand just to marry me. She misses her family terribly. She misses all of her friends. And she misses her culture. Sometimes in the mornings she gets very...

Washington State Ferries are awesomely dog friendly

My wife and I took our dog, Bear, with us on the Washington State Ferry yesterday from Coupeville to Port Townsend. As a result, we just love taking our 100 pound Labrador with us as a "walk on passenger" on the ferry. You can bring your dog on board in two places on...

How I fixed my slow WiFi for my smart TV

Move your router to a better location You can easily fix your slow WiFi by moving your wireless router to a better location inside your home or apartment. Just a few months ago, my roommates were having trouble wirelessly streaming movies on their smart TV. Their...

Fort William to Inverness – The Great Glen

A recent visit to Scotland found us traveling from Fort William to Inverness along the great glen.  We drove up the west side of Scotland through Dumfries, Ayr (a very cool town!) and spent about 5 minutes in Glasgow.  After being in the countryside with the sheep,...

What About Placerville?

Placerville California is a cute little mountain town about 45 miles east of Sacramento and 60 miles from South Lake Tahoe on Hwy 50. This is the famous gold country where, in 1848 at nearby Sutter's sawmill, gold was discovered.  Sutter's Mill, now a historic...

Retire in Pleasanton California

Pleasanton is so much more than pleasant!  About 40 miles south east of San Francisco, Pleasanton California enjoys warmer weather than the foggy city by the bay.  The downtown is just plain cute with local merchants, some great restaurants, and plenty of year round...

Planning for Retirement

A young man in Home Depot asked me the other day how I liked retirement.  "It's pretty cool" I said.  "They send you money for not working!"   (Not that I didn't earn that money and put away for it!)   "But how do you live on so little money?" he asked.  "Planning for...

The Beaches of Thailand

With just over 3,200 miles of coastline, you have plenty of beaches to choose from in Thailand!   This tropical land of beaches has palm trees and jungles, amazing rock formations, and plenty of warm weather and warm water.   Picking one can be a challenge!  After...

Our Search For The Perfect RV Spot

Don't trust everything you see on the internet, especially when looking for "that perfect RV spot". While preparing for our next get-a-way, we chose a spot online that looked like it might work with the direction of sunrise and where the awning would be to provide...

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