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Did you know you can live in a warm tropical country at a fraction of the cost? Places such as Thailand, Ecuador, Vietnam, Portugal, and Mexico are much more affordable.


Your happiness begins with finding a healthy lifestyle just for you.

Traveling abroad opens your eyes to new cultures.

You’d be surprised how friendly other cultures can be.

Traveling with the Dog in the RV

Over the last two years of being retired, we have learned a few things regarding traveling with the dog. Mostly "A tired dog is a good dog". Before heading out for the day's drive we have figured out our 5 year-old beagle/golden retriever mix needs a good run in order...

What if I never fully retire?

What if you retired today, and then you found yourself completely bored as a result? It happens. It happens a lot. Many of my "retired" friends can't sit still for a moment. Many of them go back to work part time, and never fully retire. We love our old jobs and our...

Essential retirement tips at every age

It's time to talk about one of my favorite topics here at RetireBook. It's time to pull up our sleeves and talk about retirement. Here are our favorite retirement tips at every age. Weather you are a teenager or in your 60's.   Retirement Tips as a Teenager Be a...

Washington State Wine Country!

We recently made a trip to Eastern Washington to take in The Great Prosser Balloon Rally in late September.  This annual event coincides with the harvest of the grapes involving thousands of acres of vines.  Dozens of huge hot air balloons are launched on Friday,...

Retiring in Mazatlan, Mexico – On the cheap

Mazatlan, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, gets a bad rap. Mostly because people confuse a drug cartel being named after a state, or with a state being named in honor of a drug cartel. This unfortunate labeling likely has kept Mazatlan from the escalating costs of...

Lots of canker sores? Try switching your toothpaste.

Did you know that your toothpaste might be the biggest reason you get so many canker sores? I have suffered from getting frequent canker sores my whole life. For me, I would get one almost once a month. As soon as one canker sore would heal, another would show up in...

Roommates after 50 – No problem!

Whenever we think of someone having roommates, we usually think of a young and free spirited college age student. I am in my 50's now and I think having roommates after 50 is terrific. Most people think as we get older, we get more set in our ways. Maybe that's true,...

Top 3 Tips to get cheap flights to Thailand

We have been travelling to Thailand quite a bit since 2012. My wife is Thai, and we are always looking for a bargain and for cheap flights to Thailand. We travel to back to Thailand at least twice a year, and we have a simple routine we use to book our cheap flights....

Expats – Rent vs Buy a Place to Live Abroad

Rent vs Buy? Most of us were taught as we were growing up that buying a home is the foundation to a secure and stable life. Well - what if you are an expat living in another country? Does that mantra still hold true?  Pros of renting property as an expat 1) You are...

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