Retire in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Retire in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

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Those who want to retire in Baton Rouge, Louisiana might want to consider beautiful Oak Hills, a bedroom community south of town and about 50 miles north of New Orleans, right off Highway 10.  While Oak Hills may be considered ‘high end’ for Louisiana, if you are moving here from most anyplace else, the property is quite reasonable.  The average home price ranges in the $250,000 range and rentals run about $1,000 a month.     The property tax is low and the crime rate is just 59% of the rest of Louisiana.    Our research found that 8,500 people live here and 13% are over 65.  

What makes Oak Hills so different is that 66% have at least a bachelors degree of some sort and those work in high end jobs in Baton Rouge, the state capital and LSU home.   While Baton Rouge has a low cost of living and median home prices in the $168,000 range with a good tax climate, they also have a much higher crime rate.  But you can live in the suburbs and enjoy all BR has to offer.  

In Baton Rouge the sounds of Zydeco music and smells of Creole and Cajun cooking can be found in much of what the city offers in its fine restaurants, music venues, theater and nightlife.   Hurricane Katrina had an impact on this area due to the flood of refugees who came north from New Orleans.   While many returned back to “The Big Easy”, many stayed and Baton Rouge grew from 250,000 to nearly half a million in the course of 6 months!   For some time, this put a huge strain on the city, but the refugees have been welcomed and accommodated. 

Baton Rouge is the land of the big sprawling plantations that dot the area along the Mississippi River.   Settled in 1699, the French settlers found bloody sticks planted in the mud to divide the native territories.  Hence the name “bloody stick” or Baton Rouge.    The city has been occupied by the French, the Spanish, the English, the north and then the south and now by the LSU students and its football team!   On any given game day, the stadium is filled with fans from all over the state.   Baton Rouge has shopping, art galleries, events and sights unlimited.    Right on the mighty Mississippi, this is a great place to call home.  Wow, I might just retire in Oak Hills, Louisiana!

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Zoom in and out on the map below to see the highways, roads and attractions!



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