New Years Resolutions for 2015

New Years Resolutions for 2015

Forget about losing weight or exercising more!   My New Years resolutions for 2015 are focused on travel and enriching my life.  Dieting is boring.

1.  I’m going to do a better job of keeping a travel journal.  Actually, the writing part is going in my laptop and my brochures, cards, postcards, are going in one of those coupon folders by date.   Keeping a journal helps me remember the name of the place I stayed in Totnes, Devon, the best Indian restaurant in London,  and the name of the cheese factory I visited in Normandy.  It brings those precious moments back to life for me. 

2.  I’m going to learn more about my camera and take better photos.   Why bother if all I’m going to do is take crappy snapshots?  My camera will take amazing photos, but only if I learn how.   My bad.

Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC

3.  I’m going to thoroughly explore Vancouver BC.   I live in NW Washington and V-town is practically right next door.   The city has all kinds of festivals, museums, concerts.  I just have to make the time.

4.  I’m going to take something big off my travel bucket list. 

5.  I’m going to pay for that trip by saving just $2.75 every day.  This time next year, I’ll have $1,000 for airfare to any place I want to go. 

6.  I’m going to go someplace new in the RV.   Hopefully not involving I-5  again!

7.  I’m going to hike a new trail twice a month.   Nothing big, just a new adventure in the woods.

8.  Every day I’m going to take my world atlas, close my eyes and point.   Wherever I land is my 15 minute research place for the day.  (Did you know that Salamanca Spain has had a University since 1130?  It became, and still is, one of the most significant and prestigious academic centers in Europe?  That kind of stuff.   

9.   I’m going to learn more Spanish. 

10.   And finally, I’m going to learn to pack lighter and only take what I really need.   When you think about it, you can find sweatshirts all over the world – why do I want to take up my suitcase space hauling one from home and may not even need it?

I’ll probably think of a few more things to do, but right now I’m eating a cookie.

What’s on your list of resolutions? 


Michael is a retired, single, world traveler who enjoys being outdoors, a good pint of beer or glass of wine, and museums.