New Orleans Segway Tour
Segway Excursion in New Orleans

New Orleans Segway Tour

We told the grandson that when he turned 14 we’d take him on one of our many trips on two conditions.  He had to have good grades and providing we still liked him.   (I’m not taking a trip with a snotty teenager!)   Well, he just turned 14, gets really good grades and is polite, quiet, well spoken and we like him a lot.   Lucky Jared!  He gets to go on a cruise to the Bahamas!   Our ship left out of New Orleans and we looked at several things that he might want to do and decided to book with a New Orleans Segway Tour. had one that seemed perfect.  We arrived at 9 am and met Steven, our guide for the day.  He outfitted us with helmets, we watched a scary video about al the things that could go wrong, practiced a bit inside and then left by the alley door.  The Segways were set at a maximum of 10.5 MPH, which is pretty fast.

Steven gave us his hand signals, safety information and we were off!

Segway in New Orleans

Our trip was at the end of January (right before Mardi Gras) and the city was full of tourists.   We went slow until we got the feel of it and stopped often for Steven to tell us about his city.   It was a wonderful experience.

While the Segway was really easy to learn – and FUN – the best part was the history tour covering about a 10 mile loop right through the French Quarter, Jackson Square, and out into the neighborhoods.  We went all the way beyond Louis Armstrong Park to a coffee ship where we had a nice break.   We learned a lot about the 300 years of New Orleans history, stopping at famous and little known sites.   What an amazing experience!

Three things about riding a Segway.   1.  It takes about 4-5 minutes to “get it” and even the most reluctant of the 10 people on our tour was off and running.  2.  You will use calf and ankle muscles you didn’t know you had.  If this is a weakness for you – take a bus tour.  3.  A lady in our tour fell off her Segway when she backed up and went off the lip of a sidewalk.  Luckily she wasn’t hurt, but you can’t let down your situational awareness for even a minute.

The best part of the Segway experience, was seeing the grandson ride his own Segway and the huge grin on his face!   We had such a good time, we booked another tour in Nassau for 4 days later.

So the next time you are in “The Big Easy”  and have some time to kill, check out City Segway Tours on Decatur Street.


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